Why a Kindle 3 is better than a “real book”

A few months on from buying my kindle 3 in Australia, I am very happy with the device. Before buying it, I was hesitant because I “liked reading real books” but now I am a converted kindle user.


Explaining to a friend of mine (hi Sarah) the other day why she had to get a kindle instead of real books, my main points were:

  1. Highlights – The kindle 3 allows you to make highlights of text that you want to read again later. I used to do so using dog ears in books but unless I had a pen handy, it was always hard to know exactly which part of the page I was referring to when I went back to reread. Highlights allows me to go back after reading a book and read each of my highlights sequentially. It also let me upload them directly to my twitter and or facebook.
  2. Dictionary – I didn’t initially think i would use this feature very much. That said, whilst reading certain books, I have found that I don’t know the meanings of as many words as I thought I did. Being able to quickly highlight a word and have the meaning come up instantly has been quite useful.
  3. Read multiple books simultaneously -¬†¬†This is one of the biggest features for me. Being able to decide on the bus in the morning what book I’d like to read (out of maybe 6-10 unread books on the device) is pretty cool. I used to take 2 or 3 books with me and now don’t have to carry as much around with me.
  4. Holds your place in the book – This is a bit of an obvious one but never having to think about where I am in the book is useful. No placeholders or dog ears required.
  5. Cost – So far, the most I have paid for a kindle book (out of maybe 15 purchased) is $15.99. This number used to average much higher than that buying real books.

Update September 2012 – Click here for the latest Kindle in Australia Buyers Guide.

7 thoughts on “Why a Kindle 3 is better than a “real book””

  1. I am a huge fan of the kindle, so Im always excited to read other Australian’s opinions. Kindle is by far superior and the way of the future.

  2. My Kindle arrived from the US only htree days after i ordered it – great service, but so far I have not found one of the books I want to read available to Australia! Is this going to plague me all the time??

    I wanted to download Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
    100 Years of Solitude, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez and
    Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones.
    All of these are well known classics, and not available to Australians through Amazon. Our laws are ridiculous.

    Not as if they are obscure titles!
    I’m surprised, James that you have been so successful.

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