Top 5 Tips for Selling Cars Online

Are you ready for an upgrade or just in need of some quick cash? Selling your car online is a free and easy process, as online listings are where many Australians look first when they’re ready to buy. Recent car news indicates that Australian consumers are just as likely to turn to private dealers online as auctions or car dealerships. Yet with thousands of used cars listed online, you’ll need to keep the following tips in mind to draw these potential customers in.

  1. Choose a Realistic PriceYou might already have a set price in mind that you want for your car, but it’s important to take the car’s reputation and age into account. Even cars with a low rate of depreciation will still only be worth 50% of their initial value after 3 years. You can check sources like Redbook to find out the potential range of prices your car is priced at in the industry, and read car reviews in Australia to find out more about your car’s reputation and rate of depreciation. This can help you choose a more accurate price point for your listing.
  2. List Features AccuratelyBasic information that any online listing will need to include is the vehicle’s make, model, and mileage. Yet you also have room to list all of the various features that make your car stand out, such as climate control, cruise control, air bags, and other amenities. When it comes to writing descriptions, remember that online listings are different from newspaper ads. You don’t need to use abbreviations due to a limit on the characters as you would in a newspaper. Many consumers today don’t know what these abbreviations mean, which is why they avoid newspaper ads and turn to online listings in the first place.
  3. Take Care with PhotosGreat photographs are your car’s best friend. Most online buyers will only skim the descriptions at first and are more likely to scan listings by the titles and photographs that they see. Advertisements without photos stand little chance against well-illustrated competition. If you’re taking your own photographs, it’s a good idea to shoot your car in even light. An overcast day will yield a better shot than bright sunlight, which can cause shadows and glare. Rather than shooting your car head on or from the side, it’s best to shoot it at an angle for the most accurate view.
  4. Be HonestIt’s tempting to make your car sparkle more on paper than it does in real life, but this isn’t fair to buyers and won’t garner you any more chance of a sale. Even with online listings, most buyers will want to see the car in person and potentially have it examined by a mechanic before making their purchase. Be up front with the maintenance records, modifications you may have made in the past, and any other pertinent information.
  5. Promote your AdWith your listing up and running, the next step is to promote it. If you choose a large online listings website, you’re already guaranteed to have a wide potential audience, but it’s also useful to promote your ad using your own social networks. Word of mouth can spread and ensure that you have a quick sale, potentially to someone you already know.

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