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Kindle 3 in Australia Review – My new electronic book (ebook) reader

I recently purchased the Kindle 3 wireless only ebook reader in Sydney, Australia after having it recommended by a good friend of mine.

Update September 2012 – Click here for the latest Kindle in Australia Buyers Guide.

As you might know if you know me, I’m not one for shameless promotion posts but overall I’m really impressed with the product. I was initially skeptical of buying an ebook reader as I had a tendency to enjoy holding an actual book in my hands despite countless hours of reading things online.

But after completing a $45 purchase (one of many this year) from Bookdepository (the cheapest place to get books I’ve found), I decided it might be nice to check the price of the two books on the kindle. As it turned out, they were going to cost 50% less. Whilst this may not always be the case, it inspired me to look further into it.

Kindle 3 Review Australian Ebook reader

I did so and the latest generation Kindle 3 looked like a really solid piece of technology. I read regularly and often various books at a time so it did provide a nicer way to do so than carrying around 3 different books everyday in my bag.

The initial things I noticed about the product were that it was cheap (especially with the AUD-USD where it is), the books for sale were on it were cheap and that it got excellent reviews. Google “kindle reviews” to get an idea of these.

I decided on the wireless version over the 3g + wireless because I figured there won’t be a time when i can’t wait 10-20 minutes between work and home to download a book. That said, travelling and whether or not you read newspapers on the device (which you can easily) might have impacted this decision if i’d thought about it more. I’d probably get the 3G if i was making the decision now.

The product was quick to deliver (i think 4-5 days) and was easy to start using.

The main things I like about the kindle 3 are:

  1. The long battery life (30 days or so apparently)
  2. The fact I can highlight things in ebooks that I want to come back to or share with others (I’m one of those types that puts dog ears throughout my books – though rarely comes back to them)
  3. The selection of books (so far there has only been one title I couldn’t find that i wanted)
  4. The design, lightness and feeling when you read it
  5. The clarity of the text and resolution is very good
  6. The lack of a backlight makes it nicer on my eyes (which spend some much time in front of an LCD screen)

The things that I don’t like about the kindle 3 are that:

  1. It is not touchscreen and it’s navigation is a little clunky as a result but still very easy to use if a bit old school,
  2. Some of the formatting in complicated books like the spanish lessons book i’m reading is not perfect
  3. It doesn’t come with a case!

Overall, I’d recommend it strongly to anyone that reads alot. I’ve put a link below where you can get more information about the product. A more recent review of the kindle 3 is here : Why a Kindle 3 is better than “real books”.