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Michael Lewitt Video on the US Government Stimulus

HCM Market Letter author Michael Lewitt comments on the US Government stimulus efforts.

I’ve been reading Michael’s articles for about 3 years and it is good to see him finally getting some more publicity as a result of publishing his new book The Death of Capital.

Other Comments from the December market letter include:

  1. Bad policy in the US will ensure the that boom and bust cycle will continue
  2. The US economy showing signs of improvement but not as much as might be expected following a recession. The data is also not as positive as it is being seen by the markets
  3. Europe (and the Euro) is in trouble with Spain Portugal, Greece, Ireland Belgium and Italy the most vulnerable
  4. China boom to end at some point unless “they are unlike every other growing economy in the history of the world” – ┬áPeople trusting numbers coming out from China are not wise.
  5. He also gives a range of investment recommendations at the end of the article that are worth reading.