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What is a company, what characterises a company and why form a company ?

limited liability

Companies are….

Most people have a decent concept of what a company is. They could tell you that there are lots of them, they make lots of money, most work for one, and typically that they sell a particular thing or provide a range of services. Most people even know that many companies have “pty ltd” next to their name and some of those people realise that it stands for proprietary limited.

If however, you were to ask someone to define what a company is or what “proprietary limited” actually meant, you may find a few more blank faces. Ultimately, it probably doesn’t matter to the majority of the population, but it is quite critical to understand what defines a company and what distinguishes it from other business forms before considering more complex legal and corporate issues.

The central themes that will continue to arise when thinking about companies are liability, ownership, financing, legal obligations and succession especially in the event that the company can no longer pay its debts when they fall due (insolvency).

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Welcome to JamesCox.com.au

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This website will share a range of financial information centering mainly around corporate finance, investing, share trading, the stock market, growing companies and business, Economics, Law, Random relevant news events, and generally making money (probably some poker thrown in).

I am writing this blog for three main reasons. Since finishing my law degree, I find myself reading many books on these subjects and so far i am finding them particularly interesting.

In addition to this, financial topics are traditionally very hard to ‘get into’ or learn about and there seems to be a certain and somewhat intentional cloud of secrecy around their understanding. The number of times I have searched “learn share market” or “what is an option?” into Google and arrived at a page telling me to go to seminar or pay for an ebook (that is likely to tell me to go to a seminar) has led me to believe someone should be providing this information for free.

Finally, understanding these things is interesting even on the face of it but can obviously allow you to have a much greater chance of success in a variety of important facets of life no matter what you do and who you are. You don’t have to be a capitalist or investment banker to enjoy finance and regardless of your political and moral inclinations, understanding these topics are likely to increase your ability to live in what is obviously a capitalist society.

I am not a finance expert, I have a sound business sense in development and a legal background, but i am by no means going to write like so many money magazines or guides where you need a cipher to understand the majority of an article. Ideally, this blog will be simple, straight to the point and introductory to a wide range of financial topics.

This blog will hopefully demystify some of the concepts that seem so foreign to most people and provide a less than 400 page insight into the financial world from the perspective of an financial novice as I begin to truly understand alot of the concepts myself.

I look forward to writing this blog and i hope someone out there will enjoy reading it.

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