Kindle 3 in Australia Review – My new electronic book (ebook) reader

I recently purchased the Kindle 3 wireless only ebook reader in Sydney, Australia after having it recommended by a good friend of mine.

Update September 2012 – Click here for the latest Kindle in Australia Buyers Guide.

As you might know if you know me, I’m not one for shameless promotion posts but overall I’m really impressed with the product. I was initially skeptical of buying an ebook reader as I had a tendency to enjoy holding an actual book in my hands despite countless hours of reading things online.

But after completing a $45 purchase (one of many this year) from Bookdepository (the cheapest place to get books I’ve found), I decided it might be nice to check the price of the two books on the kindle. As it turned out, they were going to cost 50% less. Whilst this may not always be the case, it inspired me to look further into it.

Kindle 3 Review Australian Ebook reader

I did so and the latest generation Kindle 3 looked like a really solid piece of technology. I read regularly and often various books at a time so it did provide a nicer way to do so than carrying around 3 different books everyday in my bag.

The initial things I noticed about the product were that it was cheap (especially with the AUD-USD where it is), the books for sale were on it were cheap and that it got excellent reviews. Google “kindle reviews” to get an idea of these.

I decided on the wireless version over the 3g + wireless because I figured there won’t be a time when i can’t wait 10-20 minutes between work and home to download a book. That said, travelling and whether or not you read newspapers on the device (which you can easily) might have impacted this decision if i’d thought about it more. I’d probably get the 3G if i was making the decision now.

The product was quick to deliver (i think 4-5 days) and was easy to start using.

The main things I like about the kindle 3 are:

  1. The long battery life (30 days or so apparently)
  2. The fact I can highlight things in ebooks that I want to come back to or share with others (I’m one of those types that puts dog ears throughout my books – though rarely comes back to them)
  3. The selection of books (so far there has only been one title I couldn’t find that i wanted)
  4. The design, lightness and feeling when you read it
  5. The clarity of the text and resolution is very good
  6. The lack of a backlight makes it nicer on my eyes (which spend some much time in front of an LCD screen)

The things that I don’t like about the kindle 3 are that:

  1. It is not touchscreen and it’s navigation is a little clunky as a result but still very easy to use if a bit old school,
  2. Some of the formatting in complicated books like the spanish lessons book i’m reading is not perfect
  3. It doesn’t come with a case!

Overall, I’d recommend it strongly to anyone that reads alot. I’ve put a link below where you can get more information about the product. A more recent review of the kindle 3 is here : Why a Kindle 3 is better than “real books”.

33 thoughts on “Kindle 3 in Australia Review – My new electronic book (ebook) reader”

  1. I have had my Kindle 3 for a month now. Purchased it from a reseller in the US had it delivered in 8 days and cost me $245 australian including postage. I asked a seller on ebay selling the so called Australian version what the difference was. He is selling them without wall plugs just a usb cable. Coverter plugs are every where for less than $10 and the cables are about $5. These oz versions are ripping off australians with buyers paying up to $450!! I love it for the convenience and also for the 3G thing. Have used my gmail and google search on it. As a lady of advancing years still love my books but this is a fantastic way to take a book with you.

  2. I think you will find that whilst your Kindle may work here it’s not necessarily compliant with local radio-frequency requirements on the different kinds of networks as it should be.

    The key difference between a US and AU Kindle is the wifi and 3G configuration – to my knowledge this is not a software thing, but actually variations of chipsets.

    You will notice that you need to go through the process of selecting your region when you update a Kindle firmware and operating system – it is precisely for that reason.

    In short – it’s awesome that it works, but understand it is actually different internally – and not just the USB power supply plug.


  3. Hi James
    I totally agree with you on the clarity of the text and resolution on the Kindle 3. I still read a lot of books but i also do a lot of screen work and it still really hits me when i go from reading text on-screen to reading on the kindle. The text on the kindle really stands out and the resolution makes it feel much more like i’m reading a book as opposed to a computer screen. Also cheers to your blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for the feed back on the product. What size have you purchased? I note there is a 6 inch and a 9.5 inch available.

  5. I live in a regional area, Rockhampton Qld. Does the 3G bit work in areas like mine? I also use wireless broadband on a portable USB stick. Will the WiFi work with that? If neither of the above work for me, is the promised connection through the USB cable on my notebook computer onto the Amazon website successful?

  6. My daughter is moving to Sydney soon and will be there for 3 years. I thought I might get her a Kindle. If I buy one here in the US will she be able to use it there? If I do buy it here will she be able to download books at US prices or AU prices? I’m trying to help her to save money as everyone tells us that AU is very expensive. Thanks!

  7. I bought my husband a Kindle 3, 3G with Free Wifi for christmas. Lucky that my sister was going to Hawaii so she was able to buy one for me at the price of USD189.00. My husband is so happy with his Kindle 3 and took it when we went to visit son in Brisbane recently. I recommend it to everyone – now my 2 sons want 1 each and am looking around in OZ where I can get them at reasonable price. Can’t believe the some sellers inflate the prices too high, even for delivery within OZ.

  8. Thanks for this post, James. I’m wondering if you get an Australian charger included when you buy from Amazon? It’s so hard to get this info from their website. Ta.

  9. i recently purchased a kindle 3 wi fi version directly from amazon .
    I also ordered the lighted case.
    I ordered early hours of a Saturday morning and it was here by early Tuesday morning! Much quicker than I anticipated.
    With the brilliant exchange rate it cost $205 Aussie dollars or $215 US.
    It was already set up for my amazon account attached to my credit card used for purchase.
    It came with a USb cable to charge but no wall charging unit.
    Although the case was not cheap at $US60 it is worth it as you can read in bed at night with the LED light powered by the kindle itself.

  10. hi, im planning to buy a kindle 3 with wifi and 3g at australia. i just want to know how much does it cost and where in australia will i find one?

  11. I actually have the Kindle 3G model and I am loving every bit of it. Too bad my wife gone camping with here college friends and took it from me. :( I can’t wait for her to get back.

    I would love to take some content from your article and put it on my website. Would love to give you a reference link of course.


  12. Hi all,

    I am keen to purchase I a kindle but I am wondering if amazon has a Aus online store? I can’t seem to find one. If not, would this mean I have to purchase ebooks from the US using my Aus credit card and therefore pay international bank fees?

    Also, I am going to the US in two week and would like to purchase my kindle there. Does this mean that I can also use the 3g in Aus, or do I need to order a special Aus version of kindle to use the 3g option.

    Thanks so much,


  13. i bought a kindle today at our local woolworths supermarket in brisbane qld and paid $219 for it wifi and 3g
    one lady at work got given one by her hubby and she brought it into work one day and told us it has 3,500 books on it but now that i have one that is not the case as the box says it can store up to 3,500 books.
    im still charging it and havent set up my account but all i wanted to know is does anyone know how many books are on it already?
    as it doesnt say so on the box anywhere or in the manual and i assume that i bought kindle 3 cos that is also not mentioned anywhere.
    i didnt buy the cover but will think about it as i thought the price was too high.
    but i did find out that my mobile fone had the same usb cord as the kindle so i was able to use my power adapter to plug it into that was good as it gives me a spare charger now for my fone.
    also why do you need a light to read it attached to this cover i thought the screen was already bright enough to read.


  14. I think the kindle is too primative, if I load several audio books even if I load them in their own folder, all the chapters get mixed up all over the menu screen with other audiobook files, so entails a hunt each time to find the next chapter, nothing goes in order, its very frustrating, had I known this would be the case I wouldnt have purchased mine, the free g connection nor the wireless work where I live, and I hate the little off switch. even the ebooks arent in order.
    not worth the money I paid.

  15. veronica all I had when I bought mine for $219 from DS was the instruction book and 2 dictionaries, there are no books on it until you buy them or put them on yourself using a computer

  16. Kindle is now available at BIG W and Dick Smith Electronic in AU
    3 G = AUD219.00 and Wi-Fi = AUD159.00
    Leather cover is not included

  17. Hi ,
    I’m considering buying a kindle very soon and I just would like to find out a couple of things.
    1) what is the difference between having wifi and wifi 3G? (sorry I’m not very tech savvy)
    2) the 3,500 available books,are they accessible from the kindle Internet connection ? Is it possible to download books from other websites if so which ones?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  18. I’m considering a Kindle but am concerned about copy protection. When I buy a book I share it with my friends. If I buy a Kindle “book” can I share it with other Kindle users?

  19. take heart all you kindle users as there are hundreds of audio books for free on librivox and AZW books on Manybooks, and project guttenburg internet sites so you never have to buy them . just log on choose and download then transfer to your kindle
    via the usb cable.
    cheers Doug

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