How to pass the CFA level one exam in 30 days working full-time (Update 3#)

Following on from my previous CFA Blog updates on my CFA progress, I have spent the last month working hard at work, studying the CFA and not finding much time to update this website. My original CFA Level One Study Plan seems far off and I find myself less than 30 days from the exam…

The title of this post is somewhat misleading as I have not yet passed the exam and I am probably far off being able to claim such a feat.

I do however, feel that I have come up with a strategy that will enable me to use approximately 6 more weekend days, 15 or so after work nights and 5 full days off before the exam to have a good shot at passing the CFA level one exam.

The strategy is as follows:

  1. Read learning outcome statements in Scheweser Question Bank program. This program is amazing
  2. Complete practice multiple choice questions relating to each LOS in the same program
  3. Maintain a simple spreadsheet with key new concepts learnt in super summarised form – refer to this each day until the exam
  4. Complete practice CFAI exam papers 2 weeks before the exam. They are apparently much harder than the Schweser material
  5. Rinse and Repeat

So far, I feel comfortable that I can answer the economics, ethics, quantitative methods (50%) and financial statment analysis (50%) sections of the exam.

My only other feedback at this point is that the CFA program has thus far served the exact purpose I had intended it to. It has forced me to study a very wide range of business/ finance / economics topics in a systematic manner. It has been highly enjoyable and whilst doing it as well as working full-time is not a walk in the park, I highly recommend giving it a go.

My blog will not be updated as often over the coming month.

Speak soon.

Here is another CFA link that may be of some use to those doing the exam.

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