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Yacht Week 2013 Summer Tunes Playlist

Going on Croatia Yacht Week 32 South Route this year? Here are some of the tunes we’ll be taking for Musical entertainment. They’re Mainly Party tracks :) Feel free to add others below…

Monetizing apps in the age of freebies

So chances are if you make an app and sell it for a dollar, someone else will make the same app and sell it for free. Unless your product is vastly superior, you’ll get nothing. So what do you do?

Kindle in Australia Buyers Guide – Where to Buy and Which to Choose

I’m now looking at upgrading to one of the latest Kindles just released. But with several kindles to choose from and some not delivering to Australia, this kindle buyers guide in Australia is very useful.

The Books I Read in 2011

A list of the books I read in 2011 with comments and links to find them online.

Self Control, Motivation and Why Bronze is better than Silver [Startuponomics 2011]

The second talk at Startuponomics was made by Dan Ariely and it concerned the problem of self control and how to go about motivating oneself better.