Careers Paths, Tough Decisions And Saving Sex Until Your Old Age

Finance just isn’t flowing through my proverbial veins this week, so I thought a slightly more personal and far less theoretical blog was in order.

Hopefully, this blog will serve the purpose of getting my regular readers (I know you’re out there) somewhat more acquainted with me and it may serve as a useful collection of thoughts for those in a similar situation to myself. That is, graduates with either a couple of years work experience ranging to very little experience who are considering their next steps.

If that fails, hopefully the odd header image will do the job. If you are new to my blog, you may prefer one of my more regular posts such as Options Trading Strategies, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, or Short Selling Strategies.

Having moved on from the job which has occupied my last two and a half years at a Sydney web design and development agency, and having recently graduated from Law at Sydney University, I have spent the last month collecting my many thoughts and considering the path forward.

It is certainly not an unenviable situation to find myself in but like many others in my position, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the number of choices and the desire to make my next move somewhere close to the correct decision moving forward.

The most apparent decisions open to me at the moment include training as an analyst or a lawyer at a reputable firm, starting my own business, working in a combined sales / marketing role at a small to medium sized company or going travelling.

The really tough decisions seem to arise where you exclude future options or careers as a result of choosing a certain path. The obvious example is putting a small barrier in front of a career as a lawyer or an investment banker by not getting in to one of the big firms as a graduate.

It is for this reason that choosing to not work out at least two years as an analyst at an investment bank or my two years as a lawyer in training at a law firm is somewhat of a tough choice.

Warren Buffett equates making choices purely based on the fashioning of your resume rather than pursuing what you are interested in to “saving sex until your old age” and I am somewhat inclined to agree.

However, I believe it would be hard not to benefit from the situations I would find myself in and the people I would work with at a leading Investment bank or law firm and thus the decision is somewhat blurred as I am always interested in exposing myself to situations that I can learn from.

In my opinion, the main difference between working in the ‘big firm’ situation above versus a smaller company or even in my own business would likely be the difficulty of the work and the repetitiveness of the tasks that I was assigned to in addition to their hierarchy in the greater scheme of the company.

I’m sure this is a decision many out there are faced with and if anyone wants to comment below with any thoughts, I would encourage it.

At this point, Whilst Descartes may recommend travelling as the ideal option, I am going to think about my steps begin helping out where I can at an investment analysis and advice company known as Intelligent Investor in a mixed role of analysis + legal assistace + sales and marketing (if they’ll have me).

I believe this combined role will give me a good introduction to working in Finance. As a bonus, I will be working close to great people that I can learn from; a very important factor for me.

Finally, I have decided to try and get some leading Australian executives to participate in interviews on career paths, different postgraduate degrees, key skills in finance and generally in a series of interviews that I plan to set up.

3 thoughts on “Careers Paths, Tough Decisions And Saving Sex Until Your Old Age”

  1. Decisions, decisions. Isn’t it great you have so many options altho a bit overwhelming like you said.

    I’m a big believer that everyone should pursue his/her passion. I didn’t always know what mine was. I tried out different ideas along the way. It wasn’t always fun but the best part I found was that there were no wrong choices. I always met somebody or learned something that is valuable for me.

    Good luck!

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