Helps Kids Give Mum What She Deserves

Hi regular readers, A project of mine is launching this morning. Please share it with your friends.

Call Your Mum is a new Sydney based website aiming to make Australian mums happier. It gives young adults reminders and creative ideas to make their mums mum feel special.

The free tool, available at, is the first of its kind to give busy young adults the tools they need to make their mums happy.

It is easy to push aside calling your mother because of work, your girlfriend or simply because you’re tired.

James Cox, a 27 year old from Sydney, had this problem and decided to look for a solution. He surveyed a range of his friends and their mothers to find out what could be done.

2 out of 5 of the people he asked admitted to having forgotten their mum’s birthday or mother’s day at least once. More than 4 out of 5 of them admitted to ignoring calls from their mum because they were busy.

But the news is not all so bleak.

“After surveying mums around Australia, I found that making my mum happier might be alot easier than I thought. It seems Mums just want to share their lives and know about their kids.”, said James.

When asked what was the best gift their child had given them, Mums’ answers ranged from “Coldplay tickets” to “A heart felt hand written letter” to “Their Love”.

Call Your Mum plans to use the best ideas from the Mother’s survey and deliver the ideas at random times to people’s email, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will use on automation, ideas and reminders to penetrate people’s busy lives.

But the service is not just about giving your mum a new toaster or manicure. It is about finding ways to better connect with your mum and make her happy.

PRESS RELEASE, 04/05/12, 9:30am

Call Your Mum was founded by James Cox in 2011 and launched to the public on 4 May 2012. The team includes Andrew Cuthill and Ekaterina Kashevnik.
James Cox – 0425 336 413

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